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QT 2 Kings 14:1-16

July 5, 2015

In todays’ QT, it’s said the Azariah, son of Amaziah king of Judah began to reign at age of 16, and that he did good in the eyes of the LORD. As it was said the QT reflection, it really does show that age really just a number. Older people aren’t necessarily more wiser or more faithful.

I’m young to some people, and I’m old to some people. We all seem to have our share of problems that are equally as difficult to each respective one of us. Just because I have encountered and gone through a problem someone else is going through does not make their problem and difficulty any less troublesome or less difficult. Thinking so would be disrespecting their spirit. It would opposite of love.

There is only one solution alleviating the pains from these problems, and it is to rely of Jesus.

Application: get to know the names of some FUMC spirits