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QT 2 Kings 14:1-16

July 3, 2015

Pride before the fall. In today’s QT, Amaziah, son of Joash wins some wars, then becomes arrogant and challenges Jehoash to war, then is defeated. Amaziah did good in the eyes of the LORD, even though the high places for false idol worship was still intact. God grants him victory over some wars, defeating 10,000 edomites, but this goes to his head, and he challenges Jehoash to war which brings his downfall. He says “Come meet ME, face to face."

Looking over some notes from Seven Deadly Sins bible study, it’s said it’s preoccupation with self. It’s about me being at the center, me being recognized, self-worship, self-idolatry. And because it focuses on me, it takes away focus from God. It makes it difficult to accept God’s grace, and it makes it difficult to admit sin. In the end, it brings about destruction of self and relationship with God and others.

When things seem to be going well, it’s so easy to get caught up in pride, forgetting the truth as to where it all comes from, and all of it is really nothing in the end. Business? Knowledge? Experience? Know-how? Persistence? Patience? Resources? Friends? Family? These things are all good things, but they’re ultimately nothing without God’s timing, so in the end, they’re nothing to boast about. I was just thinking the other day while taking a shower that waiting for God’s timing seems to be the most difficult thing, but it also seems to be the most joyful thing. How can that be? Why is that? It’s kind of insane, but it’s also just as insane not to be this way.

Application: think about God and be thankful for all the timing he has allowed so far while at Darien Lake and have fun