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QT 2 Kings 12:9-21

June 30, 2015

In today’s QT, verse 18 stands out to me. Joash when he found out the king of Aram was coming to attack Jerusalem, he gave all the sacred objects to king of Aram. And king of Aram withdrew from Jerusalem.

This must have been a wise move as Joash has been said to have done good in the eyes of the LORD all his life. It probably helped that he was conspired against and murdered by his officials, probably for being good. I suppose he saved the people, and the temple, by giving up sacred objects.

I have been really lazy for some time, both in spirit and in my work up until a few days ago. However, I picked up in spirit, and now I’m able to pick up work and excel at it again. I’m glad, yet cautious that I don’t get too caught up in my work again that it lowers my spirit. I have been reading the bible a lot lately whenever I feel idle or a little weird, which is pretty often, and I think that has helped me a lot. Even so, the evil one tries to sneak in to my heart and take me down, and I reacted poorly in away, but I have been able to stop any further damage with the help of the Word. I was only able to do this because I have been awake. Meeting people is full of surprises, and if I’m not awake, it seems that when things go bad. Most people are walking dead, unconsciously doing the evil one’s bidding without much care because they’re not fully awake. I’m like this most of the time. But now I see how important it is to be even more awake before meeting people.

Application: continue reading John throughout the day