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QT 2 Kings 12:1-8

June 29, 2015

In today’s QT, Joash is said to have done good in the eyes of the LORD all the years Jehoiada instructed him. He also orders priests to take money and repair whatever damages found in the temple of the LORD. But I’m curious if there is a time perhaps after Jehoiada died that Joash fell off the wagon. And I do not know why these priests took the money and didn’t repair the damages. Joash confronts these priests later, and even then, they decide to stop taking the money the not repair the damages. I don’t know what they’re thinking here.

I think repairing the temple is such a important thing. I am a temple for the LORD. I am broken is many ways, and from my heart comes some bad things that just want to screw up good things God is preparing for me.

Yesterday, I read the bible throughout the day, little by little. It seems it’s actually much easier to read this way, and it satisfied my spiritual hunger like eating snacks throughout the day in order to be not hungry. I mean I snack all the day long to keep my body from hunger, and it sadly shows, so that’s probably a bad thing, but eating spiritual snacks throughout the day kept me awake. So I will continue doing this.

And I just finished reading Mark this morning, and it seems like it’s the shortest gospel in the bible. It really gets to the point quickly, and ends quickly. The ending, the longer ending, is kind of weird and also explains why some Christians like to hold snakes and drink poison as a sign that they’re true believers. I don’t know to make of all of that.

Application: read John throughout the day