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2 Kings 11:1-12

June 27, 2015

In today’s QT, Athaliah tries to kill all the royal family, after seeing that her son Ahab was dead. But Jehosheba, saves Joash and hides him in the temple of the LORD of six years, and when the time came, Jehosheba’s husband, Jehoiada, the chief priest, anoints the young price to become king while being guarded by 100 guards.

I think Joash must have been a baby or very young when he was saved, and for six years until it was his time, he had to wait in hiding fearing that her grandmother is out to kill him. Or perhaps he was too young to even know anything that was happening around him. Interestingly though, they hide in the temple of the LORD.

In times of trouble, LORD protects his chosen people, and his people seek refuge in the LORD. I have to wonder why not strike a lighting down upon Athaliah and annoint Joash right away? That would save Joash a lot of trouble and pain. But the LORD has his ways. Timing belongs to him. All Joash could do is to trust in the LORD, and HE delivered when it was time.

I petition for my wants and needs, but in the end, the best will be provided for me according to His will, and in His time. I could moan in pain, or I could do what I’m suppose to do and what HE wants me to do and wait in peaceful hope. The choice is mine. After all, the little wants and needs that I have is nothing compared to what’s coming in the end. It’s nothing all that important. And it’s so easy for Him.

Application: continue reading Mark. Don’t play minecraft, chess, or any other games today