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QT 2 Kings 9:1-13

June 21, 2015

Elisha sends one of his servant to Jehu to anoint him to be king and to wipe out house of Ahab in today’s QT. Jehu has been chosen to serve. This is kind of out of nowhere, and with being a king, comes great responsibilities. For one, he has to revenge for the prophets who have been killed under Ahab. This is tough. Revenge is something that is not for us, but for Jesus, but in this time, Jehu has given the task. Being king definitely has its perks, but also comes with significant weight on its shoulders. Jesus is the king of all kings, and the weight on his shoulder heaviest of them all, and came through and served for all of us.

Past week or two, I have been lazy to be with God. It’s so stupid, but that’s just I am sometimes. Perhaps it had something to do with my finger getting hurt, or the situations before me, of which I do not know how to change for the better. It’s times like this that I should check and reinforce my faith even more, but instead I was just lazy. It’s time to get back up with Jesus who is my strength.

Application: focus on Jesus, my king during today’s service, and start reading Mark