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QT 2 Kings 8:7-15

June 19, 2015

In today’s QT, Hazael, servant of Ben-Hadad king of Aram is sent to Elisha with gifts to ask Elisha whether or not Ben-Hadad would recover from his illness. Elisha tells him that he will recover, but however that he will die, and that Hazael will kill a lot of Israelites. Then Hazel goes back to Ben-Hadad to tell him that he will recover, but kills him the next day.

This is my first QT this week. I’ve just been reading it past week, but am writing it today so that we don’t end up with a tragedy of nobody having done QT at cell group meeting. I really don’t know what to think about today’s QT. There Elisha, Hazael, and Ben-Hadad, and of course God in today’s QT. Elisha is straight as he always is, and is sad when he sees that Hazael will end up killing so many Israelites so brutally. I wonder though what if Elisha kills Hazael in attempt to prevent Hazael from killing so many Israelites, but then again, this is God’s will, so it will happen one way or another. Elisha is sad about the whole situation, but doesn’t try to change it. I try to compare what I would do thinking that I would probably try to change the situation, but then again, if I had a direct vision from God as Elisha did, I might not. Hazael and Ben-Hadad are gentiles, but glory of God is so bright that Ben-Hadad seeks Elisha to ask his future.

I wish I had the vision of Elisha, but I don’t. I can pray, but it’s a little different. Perhaps it’s better than a vision. With vision, I have knowledge of the future, but with prayer, I have presence of God. I should pray.

Application: pray for 30 minutes before mokjang