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QT 2 Kings 4:18-37

June 9, 2015

Looking at today’s QT makes me think about how I’m like the Shunamite woman in today’s QT. Crisis bring me to my knees before God. I’m kind of in a crisis, but I don’t know why, but I feel fine. Perhaps it’s because I trust in God, or perhaps it’s because feel because there’s not much I can do except to trust in God. All I can do is be hopeful, after all, He has done so much already. I should still keep praying, but I have been lazy with my QT and prayers lately with morning prayer having been on vacation past several weeks, but I have been reading the bible. I don’t have any interesting apps on my phone that work offline, so when I went camping, there was nothing to do on my phone in the morning except for reading the bible, and it was really nice reading the bible in the tent. I hope morning prayer comes back soon. Until then, I need to prayer on my own with more discipline.

Application: pray for 30 minutes right now