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QT 1 Kings 22:41-53

May 28, 2015

Last night’s Wednesday night worship service reminded me just how much grace I have received already, am receiving now, and will receiver in the future, for no apparently good reason from myself or my doings, but through Jesus and grace of God. It also shed light on how I’ve been lazy before the LORD past week, and how I’ve failed and fallen in many ways. I should be thankful just to be alive, but I wasn’t. I’ve been walking more about my ways rather than his way. And yesterday I was reminded through the WORD what it is that I must do and the benefits, as if it’s new. It’s amazing how easily I can forget things. All I really have to do is love Jesus, God, keep the Word close in my heart, and let the Holy Spirit live and do for me, and God will not only take care of the rest but surprise me with blessings that go beyond my imagination. How great is that, and how is it that I forget it, or let the evil one hide it.

My bible is literally just sitting open on my desk and next to my bed, yet I barely read it. It’s like the WORD is physically close to me, but not mentally, but at least it’s physically close. It’s time to get back eating the WORD on a daily basis.

Application: read James