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QT 1 Kings 18:16-29

May 15, 2015

In today's, Elijah sets up a challenge between the LORD and Baal in hopes to let people know who is the true God by having phophets of Ball set afire a bull through supernatural means in the name of Ball while he too does the same in the name of the LORD. The phophets of Baal are not able to do so.

I knew this story, but I forgot that this was the story of Elijah. I knew Elijah was a great prophet, but I couldn't think off top of my head what he did. Now, I think I'll remember.

QT reflection says how we are like the prophets of Ball. Turning to our own idols for our troubles. Relying on our own self, money, knowledge, experience, and on. I know Jesus and I get closer to him every day, but I still find myself in troubling state in weak faith in times of trouble, and find myself looking for ways in which I can do something. When I do this, I am afraid like how Peter was afraid in the boat during the storm.

I love Jesus. He makes all things good, even when they appear to be bad in the short term. Nothing bad ever happens in Jesus.

Application: go on date with open heart and mind