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QT 1 Kings 17:1-16

May 12, 2015

Time is coming. The struggle comes from my own endless will and desire for more, but the struggle is needless because everything is from God, though hard work is required.

In today’s QT, Elijah prophesies to Ahab there won’t be rain except at his word. He then goes into hiding according to God’s command, and the LORD provides for him through ravens bringing him breakfast and dinner, and then later through a widow with a son who have so little that they want to eat sticks and die. However, the LORD provides for them with a jar of flour and a jar of oil that does not run out until the LORD gives rain on the land.

This sense of miraculous protection from the LORD is what lead me to seek out who it is that protects. With this protection, there is no need to struggle. Time and time again God has provided, and continues to provide. Yet, I find myself sometimes foolishly struggling to provide for myself whenever troubling things present themselves before me. I believe that I have a choice, and that I always have a choice, and have always thought that when someone says they “had to” or “didn’t have a choice” were bad excuses. However, maybe I don’t have a choice. Maybe I just have an appearance of choice, but really there no matter what I choose, the overall direction doesn’t change. I don’t know.

Application: pray in thankfulness