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QT 1 Kings 15:1-8

May 6, 2015

In today’s QT, the Kings are still sucking at life, but the LORD gives them a son to succeed for the sake of David who had done right in the eyes of the LORD. This doing right is essentially remembering him.

This makes me think about the impact of one’s faith. It goes beyond impacting the faithful person, but also those around them and after them. The kings are sucking at life, so everyone in the kingdom too are sucking at life. And because one was good, their descendants got a little benefit from it. Does it go the other way? If one sucks at life, are other around them and after them affected negatively? Yes, but I think I remember a passage in the bible along the lines of God will not hold against you what your parents did. However, what your parents do undoubtably affects you, but you still have a choice to remember the LORD or not.

Faith is hard, especially in times of trouble, but in a way, it’s really easy, because of the most important part of it is simple. Just wake up and live remembering the LORD’s goodness. So easy, but sometimes, so hard for my own stupidity.

Application: do Wednesday ppt remembering the LORD, listen to Hebrews