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QT 1 Kings 13:11-24

May 2, 2015

In today’s QT, the prophet who was so awesome yesterday, is tricked by a lying old person who claims to be prophet himself to come eat and drink at his house. The good prophet denied him at first, but the liar lied to him saying he’s heard from the LORD that he should bring him into his house and give him food and water. The good prophet falls for it, eats and drinks, and then an angel of the LORD comes to him telling him “He has defied the LORD’s command.” When he got on his way back home on his donkey, a lion came and killed him.

It’s really harsh, but it’s his will, and his will, will be done. I have no right to question his will and his plans. One thing for sure is that whatever HE says HE will do, He will do it.

I’m feeling a bit lost these days. I need to truly repent. I will be forgiven.

Application: pray for 1 hour now