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QT 1 Kings 11:1-25

April 26, 2015

In today’s QT, Solomon disobeys the LORD in marrying people of other nations, not because he’s a racists, but because they worshiped idols, and that they would lead Solomon’s heart astray. Idols come in many forms. In today’s world, it would be ridiculous to make an idol out of gold and worship it, but anything that has higher priority than Jesus in my heart is an idol. For me, believing that my intelligence, knowledge, experience, even perseverance will lead my towards a path that is best, or thinking that somehow a magical relationship with someone beautiful and wonderful is going to make my life full is idol worship. Same goes for finding someone for marriage. It doesn’t matter what country she was born, it matters that she worships God alone, and not other idols. That’s not to say all those other things are bad. They are good, but they’re bad when they’ve taken a higher place in my heart than Jesus. It’s really hard to tell by looking at someone if they have idols deep in their heart. It’s really hard to even tell if I myself have idols deep in my heart. I know it, but my actions are lacking, because my belief is weak. Situations creep up on my that cause concerns. I tell myself I’m okay because I don’t know why. I ought to be telling myself I’m okay because of Jesus. Then just do what I got to do with faith, instead of being frozen in fear.

Application: pray for 1 hour