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QT 1 Kings 9:10-28

April 22, 2015

Today’s QT shows the decline of Solomon’s ways about doing things. First of all, Solomon gives twenty towns to Hiram as a return for Hiram having helped Solomon in building the temple and the palace. I didn’t realize this at first, but QT reflection points out that Solomon is giving away God’s land to build the temple and the palace. That is quite a compromise he made. He’s doing all, or at least supposed to be doing all for God, but he’s doing it at the cost of God’s land, which doesn’t make sense. It’s like chopping off and selling a piece of your body to live in a nice house. The towns he gave them were no good, but they’re still part of his towns. The fact that he gave them the towns that are no good is also reflective of his ways of doing business, and his integrity. They’re falling.

I wonder what kind of compromises I’m making in my life. I’ve definitely made some big decisions, and by taking one path, I don’t get to see the other paths. Compromises themselves aren’t bad. Compromising who you are, what you believe in, is bad. If at the end of the day, you are not who you are, then what are you. I ask myself what compromises have I made in the past that jeopardize who I am as a child of God? Actually, nothing can compromise that. That is who I am, it just is. I may not be a good child of God, but child of God nonetheless. What can be compromised then? Love for God seems like something that is often compromised over desire for things of this world, because you cannot NOT be a child of God, but you can choose not to love God, or to ignore his commands. Deciding to be idle on HIS will is physically comfortable, though spiritually uncomfortable. So one can compromise relationship with God for physical comfort. That sounds about right. But again, this is short-term view. In the long-run, uncompromising relationship with God will bring greater physical comfort in total.

Application: do the dishes, clean apartment, read Timothy