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QT 1 Kings 8:41-53

April 19, 2015

In today’s QT, Solomon prays to God for foreigners coming to pray temple of the LORD, that’s me. He prayed for me, though I’m not praying at the temple of the LORD, though maybe I am because my body is my temple.

My prayers recently have become increasingly lazy lately. Kind of just falling asleep in the middle of prayers. I’m currently pretty preoccupied with buying a car. I haven’t had a car for quite a while since the accident, but I think now is the time. My father’s final health check up, which will be a key factor in whether he can come in June or not, and my “business of youth” both need a car. I may have to be late on my tuition payments, which I’m conflicted about, and all these things are more the reason why I should be prayer more, but that hasn’t been the case. My heart seems to be wondering elsewhere. I need to pray all the more, and seek his wisdom in what seems to be yet another important transition in my life. There are also so many people who need my prayers.

Application: pray for 1 hour