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QT Kings 7:1-22

April 13, 2015

It took Solomon 7 years to build the temple of the LORD, but took 13 years to build his own palace. QT reflection says that God is against any king who builds his house with cedar (Jer. 22:14-15) and I remember reading from the proverbs about how king should be concerned with the people, and not his own luxuries. I thought Solomon failed near the end of his life when he took on many wives, but it seems that Solomon's heart was turning towards himself sooner than that. Solomon is suppose to have such great wisdom, he sadly does this. I wonder if someone else wrote the Proverbs because he doesn't seem to practice what he preaches. Maybe he wrote it after learning from all his mistakes. Jesus on the hand is the true king. He did not seek his own luxuries, but serves his people.

Looking at my life, I must watch out that I'm not doing the same thing as Solomon. It wasn't that Solomon neglected to build the temple of the LORD, or that he just totally ignored God all together, but that he's built greater palace for himself. His priorities was out of whack. As a business man, business is high up there in my priorities. My "business of youth" has recently been climbing my priorities ladder, though it's not doing so well, or actually sadly pretty much non-existent as of now, though I'm starting to see lots of potential. I must pursue these as they are high priority, but I must never put God second. And as a king of my life myself who has a king in heaven with examples to follow, I must not seek luxuries for myself, but to serve HIS people as HE did.

Application: check up on some folks