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QT 1 Kings 6:14-38

April 12, 2015

Today's QT details the fine points of the temple of the LORD. It took 7 years 6 months to build it. It makes me think how long it takes to build my temple of the body. I've been a believer of Jesus Christ little over 4 years now. That's actually about the time Solomon started building the temple of the LORD, in his 4th year as a King. And it took 7 more years finish building it. I don't know exactly when I've started building my temple, but I think I already started, but it's far from being finished. Just yesterday, with all the joyful worship of the LORD at United Worship, God revealed to me yet another big pile of feces in my heart. I've been being indifferent toward someone I don't even know because of my own issues. It hit me when we were singing "Oh, how he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us oh." The "us" part hit me because he loves me, but he loves us even more, and there I was with a shameful seed in my heart. I had to let it go, and I did. I was shortsighted by my own desires, and I let something that prevents the LORD from being present in my temple into my temple.

Yesterday was pretty awesome day. Had dimsum with couple of friends, got some coffee, went shopping, got some ice cream, went to United Worship practice, and then United Worship, and our choir was awesome. It was such a joy to have been part of it, praising the LORD, and the some of the musical talents there that gathered with were God-given, and we were God-driven there together. Not that many people showed up, but it didn't matter. The LORD was there, and HE was pleased.

I'm so blessed. God so loves me, so loves us. I can't thank enough all that has already taken place, but HE plans for more. What I need to do is spread the love I'm receiving, and watch out I don't let my sinful self take dumps in my temple. I must fill it with the Holy Spirit and leave no room for evil to seep into any cracks.

Application: love