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QT 1 Kings 5:1-18

April 10, 2015

I what today's QT reflection said. First of all, it compares temple-building situation between Solomon, David, and me. In today's QT, Solomon starts building the temple for the LORD. He goes on to say that his father King David wanted, but couldn't do it because his was still fighting with his enemies. Unlike David, Solomon won against his enemies had peace in his country. So, he starts building his temple. The QT reflection draws an analogy between this and how enemies are sins, and temple of the LORD is my body. I can only build my temple once I have won against my enemies, sin, death, and Satan. Now, I have already won the war through Jesus. I'm justified. But daily battles against myself continues as I'm sanctified. My temple is only as holy as long as I have peace in my life by having beaten my enemies each day.

Every morning is a battle to regain thankfulness. Anyone is any situation can both be thankful or ungrateful. If I'm not thankful, then I start complaining. I was just about to complain about how much work I got done yesterday and yet how much work and polishing is still left before this thing is released. But I love doing this, and I'm very good at this, and when I'm didn't have time for this, I so wanted time to do this, now I get to, I can't be losing my thankfulness just because I'm feeling a little overworked. After all I'm overworking myself. I should pace myself, but then it goes a lot slower. I have this habbit of youtubing, netflixing, texting or something on the side as I work. It makes me less focused, but it also kind of paces me down. When I don't do this, I seem to work until I can't work anymore, and my work doesn't have an end!!! It's not a 9-to-5 kind of work. It's whatever-time-I-have-I-gotta-put-the-time-in kind of work. But nice thing is I can break whenever I want to for however long I want to, but I suppose that's a dangerous thing as well. I don't know. I need to get out a little more, or maybe exercise.

Application: go running for 1 hour