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QT 1 Kings 4:1-19

April 8, 2015

Today's QT lists a bunch of Solomon's chief officials. QT reflection goes on to talk about how event he wisest man (besides Jesus) to have ever lived according to bible, had advisors, and that in todays' terms, where every person in the democratic world who is essentially their own kings and queens, it's similar to us having a pastor, a secretary, a lawyer, a general, a friend to help each kings and queens of their lives guide their lives. Looking at my life, I've been blessed with a few, like my spirtually-awake pastor, handful of brilliant and spirtually-awake friends I can confide in, and my father. I do not have a wife, who would probably end up being the biggest advisor of them all if I had one. On the flip side, I wonder if I'm an advisor to anyone. I think I'm blessed to be advisors to a few people, to some as a spiritually-awake friend, and to some as a technical and business advisor. And hopefully, I'll be a husband, and a father as well.

The greatest advisors of them all is the Word and the Holy Spirit. It would be like being lost on the road without the Word and prayers. It's easy to get lost because, it's work to read the bible and pray. It's kind of like food. You have to eat to live, and you know this, and you want food, and food even taste good, but you don't want to put the work into cooking and the cleaning after. When the food is served though, it's good. And just like food quality of food matters. Higher quality food requires more effort, or more money to purchase, but it's good.

Application: cook Romans