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QT Matthew 28:1-10

April 5, 2015

This is starting point of the good news, the good news about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. How would people's lives change if the closest person they knew dies and comes back to life, and tell them about God. Some will surely doubt even then, saying it was a trick, forever trapping themselves in their own doubtfulness. So, then, it is like he said, blessed are those who believe without seeing. What kind of changes would one see though if someone did witness their closest person die and come back to life to tell them about God and the kingdom of heaven? Generally speaking, I would imagine it would be like as if the kingdom of heaven down here on earth. On a more personal level, that person would be living as though they are waiting to go to heaven, and the things of this world would be seen as temporary. None of the world would really matters except for the souls in it.

I have believed in Jesus and his resurrection for some time now, yet my life is not fully what I'm supposing someone's would be if someone really believed. It inches toward it, and it's hard to let go of things of this world, but I know this as well as anyone else that in order to pick up something new, you have to let go something else. Today's the 5th Easter since I started believing in Jesus. I've grown a lot in faith over the time, and I feel that this Easter is going to be yet another great turning point, and big growth of my faith in Jesus Christ. How will it be different? I don't exactly know, but I've been praying for 1 hour for the past few days, and I initially thought that was crazy idea, but now I'm thinking it's so great, and it's been crazy for me not to. It's kind of been the same thing with QT. I've been doing them daily for like 4 months now, and my church has been pushing everyone to do QT everyday for so long, and I'm just reaping the benefits. Sure it takes a lot of time, but the quality of remaining time after that time's been spent is different. God is the one who gives and takes away time to begin with anyways.

Application: worship in joy