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QT 1 Kings 1:38-53

March 25, 2015

In today's QT, I see similarities between the relationship between Adonijah and Solomon and relationship between me and Jesus. Adonijah is out for himself with aspirations of his own, wanting to become king, while the true the real king Solomon is merciful with Adonijah. I'm flickering between being like Adonijah and letting Jesus drive, and when I fail, Jesus is merciful.

Repenting also comes to mind. To repent isn't to just say sorry, or ask for forgiveness, it's to turn around, and go the other way. I think I remember a scene from the old testament when some people were saved from the fires set on Sodom and they were told not to look back, but someone did, and become stone. I think repenting is kind of like that, you turn away from Sodom, and you go the other way without looking back. It's not easy, but if you think about it, it's easier than turning back and either becoming stone or having to be saved again. Then why am I so stupid to fall back to my senseless ways now and then? Why can't I just run? Maybe I can, and I will try again. I want to be running hard both spiritually and in my work. There are distractions.

Application: catch up on bible study, do not watch netflix? do not play chess? do not play sim city?