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1 Kings 1:28-37

March 24, 2015

In today's QT King David keeps his promise to Bathsheba and makes makes Solomon his successor. It makes me think about promises, both the promises I made to others, as well as the promise God made me through the Word. Despite my best efforts, I have not always been able to keep all of my promises, but God keeps all of his. That's not to say that he has to keep it because he has the authority and right not to however he wills, but he just does so that I can put my faith in him. Off the top of my head, God promises peace in prayer, and this has always been true, and it's testable any time of the day. God also promises basic needs, and it has been the case. God also promises good things for those who serve him, even though it might not appear that way at times, in the long-run, yes, and I can testify to to this as well. And bases on these promises, there is the ultimate promise of eternal life in heaven, complete reunion and peace with God. This I cannot testify yet, but believe. Also, God reigns. Doesn't matter if I close or open my eyes. What is happening is happening. To talk about what is happening, it burdens my heart. The world is a tragic. I don't know how I live with such indifference and ignorance. But what's the alternative? Get upset? For what? What will that achieve? Praying for those tragedies is just about the only thing I can do. Compared to those tragedies, I can't be anything but thankful.

Application: pray