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QT John 21:1-14

March 20, 2015

Peter who has denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed, along with other disciples, are now back at work fishing for fishes in today’s QT. Jesus, after coming back to life, appears to them by the shore when they’re fishing, cooks breakfast for them, and allows them many fishes to be caught. All of this was in forgiveness of Peter. It’s amazing. To be like this requires a heart greater than seas. Peter, even though, he feels bad for having denied Jesus in front of other when he was being crucified, runs to Jesus still when he finds out it’s him. This scene and Peter’s character, and Jesus’ grace is such a good encapsulation of my life, and probably most all Christian lives. We all fail in one way or another before Jesus. Like Peter, I can not stand innocent or righteous before Jesus, and if Jesus was not Jesus, it would make sense to avoid him, but instead, because it’s Jesus, even though I have nothing, I still I run to him because of who he is and his love and grace. If and when I feel as though I need to hide from Jesus, that is the evil one playing his trickery on me, as that’s precisely what he aims to do, to separate and put distance between me and Jesus. I can stand before Jesus, no matter how guilty I am, so long as I come repenting for my wrongdoings, even if I keep failing. There is no way to not fail in one way or another. There is no way to earn the right to stand before him, or earn forgiveness. It’s been, and it’s being given, so that I can get better. It’s not that I can stand before him because I am good, that I need to be good in order to stand before him. It’s that he stands with me because I’m weak, that I need to be with him in order to be good.

Application: call dad