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John 19:32-42

March 16, 2015

In today’s QT, the Jews did not want to leave the dead bodies left on the cross during Sabbath and asks Pilate to take them down, and asks Pilate to break their legs also. Similar to how they couldn’t change the “King of the Jews” sign, the soldiers end up not breaking his legs either. This has been prophesied and it came true.

Looking at the Jews today, and how they want to keep themselves clean on Sabbath by taking the dead bodies down, while in the meantime they killed their king, is hypocritical. I think this is possibly a greater sin than actual sins themselves. It can greatly impact the faith of others, and not just my own.

Looking at my life, I still just suck at life. Sometimes, it seems, the harder I try, the more I suck at it. Maybe I’m being too idealistic about what I may be able to do without instead of relying on forgiving grace. I’d like to be perfect, without sin in any kind, but it doesn’t seem possible. I think Jesus knew it’s not possible, so that is why he had to do what he had to do, otherwise, we were all going to hell. There’s no answer, no hope, except with the graceful path Jesus has opened. Perhaps, I shouldn’t feel so bad about myself, but rather just try to do the best I can, and rest easy on the grace of Jesus.

Application: pray before going to sleep repenting and thanking him for the his grace