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John 19:12-22

March 14, 2015

In today’s QT, Pilate does something quite satisfying against the annoying chief priests. Pilate writes “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” on Jesus’ sign in 3 languages. It greatly annoyed the chief priests and wanted Pilate to change it to “man who claimed to be the king of the jews.” Pilates denies them, and this is for some reason satisfying, perhaps because the truth is being proclaimed ironically by someone who doesn’t even believe it to be the truth. I wonder though if this kind feeling of satisfaction is a bad thing. Is it similar to that feeling where something bad happens to someone you don’t really like, and you secretly, shamefully, take satisfaction? Is this envy? Perhaps not because it doesn’t impact me directly, but rather just the truth. There is just 1 one week left of seven deadly sins group bible study. I’ve noticed this in my past bible group studies, but my spiritual airplane flies pretty nicely while I’m doing bible study, but after it ends, there’s usually some turbulence, and sometimes the plane slowly sink, lands, or nose-dives, or even just crash into the ground. I think though what might be different this time around is that I’ll continue to do QT every day. God gave me the conviction to do QT every day at the NYBC in January, and I’ve been at it ever since, and now I’m really seeing the difference it makes. Sure, I still suck in many ways, but some things are definitely different in a good way. QT is greatest thing or the most important thing though. It can’t replace prayers or reading the bible. It’s more like the morning coffee that wakes me up, but I still have to eat lunch and dinner.

Application: read corinthians, pray before going to sleep