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John 18:28-40

March 12, 2015

In today’s QT, the chief priests and pharisees take Jesus to Pilate. Laughably, they won’t go into the palace in order to remain clean, when their heart is filthy. Pilate comes out and takes Jesus and questions him and finds him innocent. He even gives another chance to release Jesus for passover pardon, but the Jews decide to release Barabbas, who is guilty of taking part in a rebellion.

The jews’ behaviors are so annoying and unreasonable. It’s so sad. What’s even more sad is that so many people today are still like this, and sometimes I’m one of them. I’m repeating myself again, but to not be like that, I need to be spiritually awake. There are things that awaken me spiritually, and there are things the put me to sleep spiritually. Things like QT, praying, reading the bible, loving others in the Spirit of God awake me. Things like watching Netflix, playing Sim City, playing Chess put me to sleep spiritually.

Application: do bible study now, pray 6pm-6:30pm, read corinthians, before watching any netflix or playing Sim City or chess.