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John 17:20-26

March 9, 2015

Why is it so hard to be unified? Perhaps it’s because it requires all the people involved to want to be unified to be unified. Strong military rulers have forcefully united people within their empire with military rule in the past, only to have their names erased by another. In a marriage, both the man and the woman want to be unified in order for them to be united. They can be married, but still be living separate lives if they don’t want to be unified. In today’s QT, Jesus prayed for the future believers, people like me, who have not seen Jesus in the flesh, to be united as one. There are un-believers in church, and there is no way to unite with them as the goals are different, but even between believers, some of us forget the goal, some of us mix up our priorities, some of us burdened by traps of sin, that we fail to unite and love. More and more, as I get older and grow in faith, I see more value in a faithful woman rather than a woman with a pretty face. How tragic it would be to not be able to unite and love even between the two people in marriage. Still, a pretty face doesn’t hurt. I think that a pretty woman can grow in faith, but can a faithful woman grow prettier? Prettiness is so temporary though. No one in their 40’s in “pretty”. Someone who is faithful will still be faithful at 40. What the bible says most important is faith and purity. I would consider loyalty to up there as well along with fun, exciting, bright personality as desirable characteristics.

Application: do bible study now