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John 17:12-19

March 8, 2015

In today’s QT, Jesus prays for us, his followers, to be one like he is one with God. This is also what my pastor said on Friday night, and how everyone’s sacrifices through Jesus allows us to become one. It’s a reason that I knew, but didn’t really know, and have come to fully grasp, and now I do. I ask all my cell group members why we gather, and there are many good reasons, and they’re all right, but I myself never explicitly mentioned this one, and perhaps it’s the most important one. Before this realization, I considered most important to be that we need to support each other of our growing faith, as that is clearly something that is necessary and important, but perhaps becoming one is even more fundamental and at the core. Last Friday, when my pastor pointed out all the sacrifices we all made to come together as one to do what we do each time we gather made me appreciate all of us even more. The world does not know this, and it out for it itself, which makes it a sad, scary, cold, and harsh world. We have been given the task to bright light and warmth to this world, but before we can do that, we need to become one.

Application: do today’s bible study right now