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John 16:16-24

March 5, 2015

I’m struggling a little less than yesterday. I kind of know why, and that is the sloth has gripped me quite a bit. I know because I can see when I look at my kitchen, and I can see it when I see that I haven’t even started on this week’s bible study material, and it’s already the 5th day. What have I been doing skipping 5 days of bible study in a row? The good thing is that I haven’t let go of doing QT, and prayer. I want to say that this is at time of difficulty, but it really isn’t. I couldn’t have it easier, yet my will has been tainted. I’m thinking and feeling in a lazy way. It’s poisonous. I remember learning about how to fight sloth: diligence, discipline, fortitude, perseverance, instituted means of grace, prudential means of grace. All kind of makes sense, but it’s different story putting it into practice. What is wrong with me? I’m usually not like this. I don’t have an answer. I do hope for that day when Jesus comes, that day when it will all be over, that time of joy of a mother after she’s given birth through so much pain. I wish that day come sooner rather than later, but then again, what about the others?

Application: ketchup on bible study :)