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John 15:1-8

March 1, 2015

Today’s QT reminds me of a sermon I heard long time ago from a guest pastor at a conference. Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches. The pastor jokingly said that when you go out to a vineyard at night, you can hear the branches struggling to bear fruit. Obviously, there is no such sound, and he was pointing at how branches themselves do not have to do anything but to be attached to the tree that gives them life to bear fruit. The branch can fall off the tree, but it can’t become a tree itself. It withers and dies. All of this draws a picture in my head of the tree of life at eden, which God prevented Adam and Eve from eating its fruit after they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil because then they would have eternal life, and be like God. The tree of life at eden has the power to give eternal life, and so does Jesus. The tree of life is one and only kind of tree, and so is Jesus. Those who eat from the tree of life get eternal life, and those who believe in Jesus get eternal life. When you’re connected to the tree through faith, life flows to you, and it flows to others. If it fails to flow to others, it is not a branch, but an end point. And end points on trees are pruned to allow new branches to grow. So, the precondition for all of this is that “if you remain in me, and I remain in you” or I saw another version of it in my bible study workbook “abide in me as I abide in you” which means accept, obey, see, follow, keep, respect, all of which comes down to act of reading the Word, act of praying, and act of loving. It’s funny I feel like I’m being so repetitive, as all QT end up being about reading the bible, praying, loving, and repenting. The sad thing is it’s hard to do, despite sounding easy, and I forget each day I wake up. It’s crazy. If all qt’s are about the Word, praying, loving, and repenting, then probably what’s most important is the specific application for the day. What will be my application for today? There are things, acts of love, I’ve been pushing off out of laziness.

Application: read Corinthians, pray repenting for my laziness before going to sleep, think about what to do to show my thankfulness to some people at school