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John 14:25-31

February 28, 2015

I had a long Facebook chat with a friend of mine last night. She was with troubled heart. In today’s QT, one of the things Jesus says is “Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid." She said she was contemplating life, and that whatever she was contemplating, it reminded her of my struggles and unending faith. She’s known me and worked with me as a co-op for my company while I was going through some of the toughest time of my life when I was homeless and living in my old office, most importantly without faith, and she sees me now. She said she can’t find a place for herself in a career or socially. I tried to explain to her how that might be related to her underlying feelings, though, and beliefs. I know from other bible studies I’ve had in the past that whenever these things happen, God is working in her life to draw her towards him, and wants me to assist, and these things happen right there and then only, and I must either join his work or miss out. So, I tried best I could to explain some of the things that I believe, and this was kind of spur of the moment type of thing, so there was no explicit preparation, and I just winged it praying and asking the holy spirit for help. It turns out this is kind of my “testimony” I’ve been trying to organize into words since January. And my heart too has been a little troubled past week. I’ve been kind of lazy about my seven deadly sins bible study, ironically studying about sin of sloth itself this week, while focusing hard on some exciting developments of my business and kind of losing my grip on priority. After cell group meeting yesterday, I tried to get a fresh start, and then all of a sudden she hits me for this chat. Now, looking back, I see that maybe God was helping me. Helping me organize my faith, get a fresh start, renew my love and reason for living.

Application: catch up on bible study with enthusiastic heart

Friend: Hey


Friend: ...How's it going?

It's going well, what's up?

Friend: Nothing important. Just wanted to see how you were doing

cool, how are you doing?

Friend: I'm doing okay

What are you up to?

Friend: Bad things? Contemplating life.


Friend: I'm just contemplating life

Friend: And whatever I'm contemplating reminded me of you and mosaically

Friend: Your struggles and unending faith

what kind of contemplation are you doing on life?

Friend: "Why do struggles blind us?"

Are you struggling?

Friend: "Why is Lent a time of suffering?"

Friend: Yes

How so?

Friend: I can't find a place for myself in a career, or socially.

Friend: And because I haven't found that place yet I can't afford certain things I need. Or missuse my time

Well, here is the thing

career, social things are surface

below the surface, are you feelings


and below your feelings, are your thoughts

or the way you think

and your thinking is dependent on what you believe to be true in this world

there are things you don't know and you just can't know

incomprehensive stuff

i chose to ignore these things back in high school

Friend: So what about the things you do know

because I thought they were waste of time to ponder, because there was no way to know

the problem is

ignoring these things put me in a state of uncertainty

because I didn't know who I am

Without knowing who I am, everything above all the way up to the surface are shaky

That was my problem

When I was interacting with people

I didn't really know what to do

Because I didn't know who I was

I thought maybe my knowledge, my experience, my thoughts, my work/career defined who I was

There is value in those things

But those things do not put value on me

If I define myself based on those things, my self-worth can't be anything but low

And if I have low self-worth, then others value me less

But when I decided to take a leap of faith

And consider the possibility that maybe what's stated in the bible is in fact the truth

And tried to operate based on those beliefs rather than no-belief in anything(because there was no way for me to know for sure of anything)

Things started changing

The bible says that I am, we are, God's creation

The bible says that all-knowing, all-powerful God reigns in this world

The bible says that the problems that we have are because of our sin within us planted by the devil who also reigns in this world

Bible says that God loves us, and wants to be with us

But because God is good, perfect, and holy, our sins prevent us from having a relationship with God

Friend: That's crushing because nothing, except the grace of God, can ever make someone a believer

So God sent his only son Jesus to pay for our sins

He was sinless, and therefore worthy of sacrifice to pay for our sins, once and for all

So he suffered and died on the cross

But he came back to life

And went to heaven to be next to God

So that there can be a way for us sinful people to be justified with God, to have relationship with God through Jesus

That anyone who believes in him will be saved by grace

Will not see death, and will go to heaven, and not hell

Belief impacts Thoughts impacts Feelings impacts Actions

You don't know what Actions to take at the surface level because your foundation of belief isn't there

It's crazy, and it requires a leap of faith

But it's more crazy not to in my opinion

And that's why I took the leap

And now I see, and now I know

You can pray to God

Like you would talk to a friend

Friend: That sounds like it's working for you

To make it work for you

To give you faith

Courage to take the leap to see for yourself

Just think

There is an all-powerful, all-knowing God who loves you, and you can ask him for anything

Friend: I can't ask for anything while I'm suffering, not even to ask to stop suffering.

You can

Friend: Theoretically

All you need to do is either to think it, or to say it, the words "God, Jesus, stop my suffering."

The fact that we are having this conversation

Means God is already trying to reach you

Friend: Thanks.

Just try it before you go to sleep, or when you're in the shower

Friend: And you see value?

more valuable than all the gold in the world

not even comparable

Friend: In yourself? Me? In what?

In having a relationship with God himself

Imagine value you would have if you had a relationship with the president of United States

Multiply that by infinity

Friend: I really don't know what to make of a lot of things you've said because they are things I can't comprehend

Friend: But thank you

Yeah, if you want to, read the bible starting with the new testament

There are also audiobooks

Friend: I'm not a fan of it

Friend: But I go to bible study

I have a private access audiobook narrated by movie actors with movie sound effects on my website

I can give you access if you want

It's this

Friend: What website?

Check out the youtube video, you'll recognize many famous people

And let me know if you want to listen to it

my personal website

Friend: You updated it

I did

I have a blog now

Friend: It's a very impressive blog


Friend: Why are you up late?

To chat with you

Friend: You should go to sleep