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John 14:15-24

February 26, 2015

Today’s QT really makes me look back at myself. Jesus says in verse 15: “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” which can be inferred to mean that if I will not obey what Jesus commands, then I do not love Jesus via modus tollens. And since I don’t always obey what he commands, I don’t always love Jesus, which is sadly true. On the other hand, I do obey his command now and then, which doesn’t mean that I love him. I could be obeying without loving him, but I can’t be loving him without obeying him. Now, what all this means is that I don’t love Jesus 100%. Maybe I love him 90%, or maybe 50%, or maybe 10%, but as my pastor always gives an example, how would I feel if my “hypothetical” girlfriend or wife loved me 50% of time, or even 99% of time, and then loved another man 1%. That’s not ideal, but still better than 50%, or 0%, so I might live with that, or might try to find someone who will love me 100%. On a side note, as flawed beings, I doubt anyone can love anyone 100%, and that anyone can love Jesus 100%. So, I guess it comes down to grace. I’m not saved because I love Jesus. I’m saved because Jesus loves me, and because I believe in him, not because what I do. I do want to love him more, and have a more rewarding relationship with him and the holy spirit, but I fail, but I will keep trying again until the last day, and try to live like today’s the last day, while keeping in mind, it might not be the last day. What I can do to love him more, and have a more rewarding relationship comes down to reading the Word, and praying in the end, which also strengthens the Spirit within me to operate me with less failures caused by me.

Application: read Thessalonians 1 and 2 again, and pray for cell group