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John 14:1-14

February 26, 2015

Some interesting verses in today’s QT are:

Verse 14: You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

I know God is not my magic wand, but what Jesus says in verse 14 is quite a promise. Now, I don’t think I can take this quite literally though, because if I ask for stupid things or for bad things, he’s not going to do it. It’s almost like a parent saying to a child, I love, and I will do anything for you, but if the child asks the parent to give him poison, then the parent is not going to give him poison.

But what’s interesting is that there are things that are certainly good always. Salvation of people is pretty much good in any possible situation I can imagine. And I suppose I could pray, and I suppose many others have prayed “Lord, please save everyone in the world! In Jesus’ name I pray” and that’s pretty much a good thing Jesus can’t deny. And I believe that he will do that in his time. Now, on a more personal level, there is my dad, and I have prayed countless times for his salvation, but his thoughts on Jesus is that he’s merely a historical figure of yet another religion, which doesn’t allow him freedom, power, salvation, the way, the truth, the life, God and everything else that comes with faith in Jesus. I have prayed for his salvation in Jesus’ name, and I continue to pray, and Jesus will do this in his time as well.

Application: pray from noon to noon thirty