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John 13:31-38

February 25, 2015

I missed yesterday’s QT for the first time since I started writing and posting my QT in January. I suppose I was going to miss it one day, and how fitting it was the day QT talked about betrayal of Judas. To my excuse, I did go to morning prayer, and really liked my pastor’s QT. I remember him asking the question “Is it unfair for people like Judas and Pharaoh of Egypt to have to have to do some bad things in order to fulfill what must be done?” He answered himself saying “They could have repented, and it would have been alright.”

For example, in today’s QT, a good disciple, Peter, proclaims to Jesus, he’s willing to lay down his life for Jesus. Jesus kind of laughs and tells him he’s going to disown him three times before the rooster crows the next morning while Jesus goes through what he has to go through. The thing about Peter is that even though he even curses Jesus right before the rooster crows, he ultimately comes back to Jesus in repentance. And like Peter, Judas, and the Pharaoh could have repented, but instead Judas commits suicide, and Pharaoh decides to go after the Jews.

Looking at my life, I feel like Peter in today’s QT. I’ve felt that I could lay down my life, literally die for Jesus, and I still do. And I betray Jesus like Peter. Now, I must repent like Peter as well.

Also in today’s QT is the a new command, the greatest command of all commands “Love one another.” Love requires sacrifice, requires laying down of my life for Jesus. This is probably why it is also the most difficult command unlike other reactive commands like “Do not commit idolatry, murder, steal, commit adultery and so on” and other active commands like “love God” because it’s much easier to love God than to love people.

Application: pray for 11am-11:30am in repentance, and try to love everyone I meet today