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Walking Dead

John 13:12-20

February 23, 2015

In today’s QT, Jesus explains to the disciples why he washed their feet. He explains it was to serve them, and to set an example for them to serve each other.

I’m learning about the sin of sloth in my bible study group, and this is perhaps the biggest obstacle in following the example set by Jesus in today’s qt. It’s lack of willingness, or weak willingness, not enough care for others out of interest to self-serve. Relationships require effort to maintain, both vertically with God and horizontally with others, yet I find myself too lazy to put in that effort, or try to get by with the bare minimum.

There was some powerful quotes in yesterday’s bible study material.

It said George Bernard Shaw said that the epitaph for many people should read, “Died at 30; buried at 60”

“You’re dead when the suffering of another causes you no pain."

“You’re dead when your blood does not run hot in the face of blatant injustice."

“You’re dead when you evade truth that hurts and accept an easy lie."

“You’re dead when you are not willing to put forth the energy necessary to save a dying relationship"

The last one hit home with me because I find relationships to be one of the most important and difficult things in life. I’m not talking about relationship with a significant other, but with God and with people in general.

I must struggle to be alive, and not walk dead.

Application: think about what I can do for some people at school that have helped me greatly