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John 13:1-11

February 22, 2015

In today’s qt, Jesus washes the disciples' feet. All, but Judas who is going to betray Jesus, have been saved, and things outside or things that go in cannot make a man unclean, then why does Jesus wash the disciples’ feet? I think it signifies that even though they have been saved, and they follow Jesus, they live in a sinful world, and they themselves still have sin left in them, and continue to commit sin, and that this must be washed continuously by Jesus as they live.

I too have been saved, but I too still fail in various ways on a daily basis. Therefore, I too must repent daily in order to walk with Jesus. And it is only Jesus who is willing and able to cleanse me daily.

Application: repent while living today, and pray in repentance for 20 minutes at midnight