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John 12:12-19

February 2015

In today’s qt, Jesus rides a donkey to Jerusalem. The qt reflection makes note that, during this time, coming on a donkey means he’s coming in peace, as opposed to coming on a horse, which means he’s coming to conquer. The jews there, who seek a political savior cry “Hosanna!” which means “Save us now” from their political situation while Jesus comes in peace to save them from sinful selves in their spiritual situation.

Looking back at my prayer requests, I think I’ve been doing similar things. It reminds me of NYBC when I told a pastor there some of my requests, and he prayed for my faith. I knew this, yet I was still praying “Save me now” from my situations, rather than “Save me now” from my spiritual situation.Thankfully, all the prayer requests I had at that time have been answers favorably. Perhaps it’s my turn to start praying more for spiritual situation of myself and others more.

Application: pray for 15 minutes without praying for myself