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Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

John 10:11-18

February 11, 2015

In today's qt, Jesus says he's the good shepherd who lays out his life for the sheep. The sheep might be thinking, why are you laying down your life when I need your protection? But the sheep doesn't know that sheep is already in trouble. The sheep was born of the Sin which ends in death. The sheep lives its life in ways that are sinful that not only had consequences in its own lifetime, but after. The shepherd in this case had to pay the price and buy the sheep back from Sin to save it from death. Sometimes, as a sheep who has had his price of life paid, I take this grace of payment too lightly, and I find myself entertaining lustful thoughts as I wake up in the morning. Will I not be saved at the end because of these sinful thoughts? No, but it's not good for me, and it's not pleasing to God. When I am in the though, I find myself telling myself divided, telling myself it's not that bad to think about these things while also telling myself, this is not good, not healthy, but at the same time, I'm thinking it's so sweet, let me just be caught up in those thoughts a little. Eventually, I wake up, and reboot myself with Jesus and his Word. Now, if I don't reboot myself with Jesus, then who knows who's operating my life.

Application: do bible study, go work out for at least 10 minutes listening to Matthew