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"Jesus Saved Me. Jesus Fights For Me."

John 9:35-41

February 9, 2015

Today's QT makes me once again the importance of humility. Jesus said "For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind." He was directing this at the pharisees, but I must be careful not to be like pharisee because Jesus has let me see, but once I was once blind spiritually, and now I see, but now that I see, I can become blind again. I don't want to spiritually blind again. I see how difficult I lived and how difficult I must have been to others when I was spiritually blind, and I now see how difficult some spiritually blind people are living trapped within themselves and how difficult they are to others, and all I can do for them is pray. However, my sinful self is susceptible to falling and losing my spiritual vision at any time. The devil attacks from all angles, but I will persevere with the strength and grace of Jesus.

Last night I prayed "what is the simplest form of my testimony?" And I think the answer I got was that the simplest form of all believers testimony is essentially the same three words "Jesus saved me" and I realize I knew that, but what the long version of my life's story boils down to is those three words. Jesus is also fighting for me everyday with the evil one in me, which I boils down to "Jesus fights for me"

I have been struggling with a jealousy/envy of sort. I can't quite go into it, and it's still there, but now I see it better, and it affects me less. The line between is so thin though. I do not feel inferior that I don't have it, but I desire so much for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps it's mixed with lust. I see that my qt is kind of going everywhere now. I will end it here for today.

Application: think about the specific occasions I had felt the hand of God