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John 9:13-23

February 7, 2015

In today's qt, the pharisees' questioning of Jesus's curing of the blind man on the Sabbath. It's ridiculous. They focus on the shell, rather than the meaning, because it's easy. I must be careful not to go down the same path. For example, I have been able to do qt every day for about a month now. This is the longest running streak of qt for me since I accepted Jesus into my life. I started out of inspiration I received from NYBC, another of which was putting together a testimony, which is progressing slowly, but then again my life is a progressing testimony itself. Some days though, like today, it's really hard to do qt with heart. I could just read the word, and write a few sentences, and think of an easy application, but how would that be much different from following the law like the pharisees? I do qt in order to stay awake, alive, and to live the way I was meant to live, free and loving. If I do it just to do it everyday because that's what I promised myself, then it's no different than pharisees following the law without understanding why they are following the law. Same goes for the bible study this week. I have been really laid back with it, mostly just reading over it and thinking about it briefly, especially since the subject is quite uncomfortable. It's about envy, and I don't think I had much envy, but what the bible study is saying is that the fact that everyone feels that way is the biggest issue of envy. Envy that people deny is in them, makes them insatiable. I can justify anything, and the line between envy, and just cause for wanting something is very vague to me right now.

Application: catch up on bible study with seriousness