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This Is Why I Live

John 9:1-12

February 6, 2015

In today's qt, disciples ask Jesus about a man who was born blind. They ask why automatically assuming that either this man or his parents sinned, which made him blind from birth. Jesus answers neither him or his parents sinned, and that the reason he is blind is so that work of God might be displayed in his life.

This reminds me of the story of Job. Job was a good man in the eyes of God, and he did "nothing wrong" in the common sense. God is proud of him, and the devil downplays his goodness saying Job will not be so good if God didn't bless him so much, and so begins a series of tests to test Job's faith. As Job passes the tests, things get worse and worse for him, to the point, he's lost everything, his family, his friends, and is himself sick and about to die. None of this was because of his sin, but rather to display the rightful power of God. It sucks for Job, but that was the role God put him in for his glory. In the end, Job fails the tests, and is humbled before God. In the end, it turns out Job did commit sin, and that was being too proud of his being good.

In today's qt too, the blind man is healed, and the glory went to God. The blind man suffered being blind all of his life, until his time came, and took part in God's story, and testifies and glorifies the work of God in his life. I think it also is an opportunity for those around him to love the blind man.

In my life, there have been lots of hardships, some hardships that were outside of my control that I could not overcome on my own. I didn't blame God back then, because I didn't believe he even existed. But each time, I was saved from my troubles. If this happened once or twice, I would have said that I have some good luck. But when it happens repeatedly, and looking back in my life back then, it was actually happening all my life, then I had to question, is this really luck? Can this be really this lucky? Is that possible? I felt stupid to have thought that it was all just luck. Just looking at everything in the world, not even the event of my life, I can tell it can't all be luck. And it is still happening today, and will continue to happen in the future. God is unfolding his glorious story in this world, and I have been made a part of it. This is why I live.

Application: catch up on bible study :( and reread Malachi, and start taking notes I as I read the bible of the storyline.