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Uncomfortable Word

January 27, 2015

Verse 60 in today's qt, disciples have hard time accepting Jesus's hard teaching. They only want to hear what they want to here from Jesus. They want Jesus to be who they want him to be, and not who he really is. I wonder if I'm doing the same thing in my life. Who is Jesus to me? What is he saying to me? He is my invisible guiding hands. He is my protector. He is my freedom from slavery of sin. These are things I want him to be, and things he is, but at the same time, he is also my teacher, he is my trainer, and sometimes he is the stick that disciplines me. These are things that are uncomfortable. He says he loves me and forgives, which are what I want to hear, but at the same time, he says to love others and to forgive others, which is uncomfortable. He tells me to do things that are uncomfortable, and it's uncomfortable, but what can I do? Doing it and not doing it are both uncomfortable, so I might as well just do it because it is good, and I do do these things often as I ought to, but sometimes I just miss the moment.

So many of his followers leave him, but that's like choosing death because the medicine is not tasty. I really don't have an option, and I should be, and am happy about that. Uncomfortable as it may be, as unfair as some of these things may be, if it is good, then it for good, and God will reward me both in heaven and here on earth with peace and love.

Application: clean my apartment