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John 6:41-51

January 25, 2015

In these verses today, Jesus explains that only those who the Father draws can come to Jesus, and that these people are taught and lead by God to come to Jesus.

At first it might seem like God is cherry picking who to save, but this is actually not the case. God pulls everyone. How we react to his pull is different. For me, everything is just way too miraculous the way everything is for it not have a creator. That realization was the initial pull for me, then the events that took and are taking place in my life too were and are too miraculous the way everything happened and is happening despite my debauchery/stupidity, that I felt and feel a protecting/guiding invisible hand of God. All of which made me question who is responsible for all of this, which only Jesus was able to provide a satisfactory and definitive answer with authority. The answers required a leap of faith, and I took that leap of faith to see if the answers were true, then I started seeing, and now I see more and more that the his answers are in fact true.

There people around me who do not see yet. This is not because God is not drawing them. God draws them all, and tries to teach them all, but they deny, so are unable to see. I used to deny myself until I couldn't deny anymore. I do what I can do help the work of God in their lives, but ultimately, God has given us free will, and we need to choose, because if God forces us to love him, then it is not really the kind of love that he wants.

Application: pray thanking Jesus that I could see him for who he is, and pray for those in my life who do not see yet