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QT John 4:19-30

January 13, 2015

John 4:19-30

Today’s qt reminds me of the call to testify my faith. My pastor asked on last Sunday’s sermon, where is my place of service and ministry? And I thought to myself "at home, at small group, and on the internet." When I was at NYBC, God put a conviction in my heart to testify, and to testify on the internet of all places. After all, running a business, there no way to really be private, and even though I do already let everyone know of my faith in Jesus, my personal testimony is not out there in the world yet. Even on the day of my baptism at my church, I was not prepared to testify that day. My thoughts, experiences, and beliefs were not organized enough for me to testify in a way that would have made sense for me. Back then, I was just taking a leap of faith. Over the years, God has revealed more about himself to me, and I’m able to organize my belief in a way that makes sense to me.

Pastor Song also talked about having and building a tool of spreading gospel when I was at NYBC. It makes sense. I wouldn’t go to war empty-handed right? Yet, I was empty handed. Over this NYBC, God gave me a small tool, and that is to ask questions, and invoke curiosity. Instead of just telling my version of gospel, it seems better to just ask questions about Jesus to some people.

The Samaritan woman, after meeting Jesus, goes back to her town and testifies. Her testimony is as simple as “hey look at this man who knows my life, might he be the messiah?” And people gathered. This is all a testimony needs to do. After all, I can’t force faith or even bring about faith in someone. All I can do is point to Jesus, and He has to do the work.

Application: work on my testimony